Upgrade your XBody Newave with software version 2.0!

Upgrade your XBody Newave with software version 2.0!
Our Research+Development team was working on the Actiwave and Actiwear products in the past few months, but of course we did not forget about those who own a Newave device. There are a lot of new features available with a simple sotfware upgrade!

In the following we briefly summarize these benefits. If you would like to get an update please contact us at helpdesk##kukac##hq.xbodyworld.com and send us the serial number of your device (S/N number on the label of the head). If you have a question please send your actual software version as well (available under the Administrator mode: System menu).

Release date: 14/06/2016

What kind of benefits can you get with the update?

Training window
Most of the changes affect the training window, both new functionalities and reworked components were introduced.

  • First the images of the figure in the background of the training screen were replaced to provide a nicer look.
  • The slider which makes it possible to set the channel intensities now appears at the bottom of the screen on the tray.
  • The start-stop button on the tray is now split into two separate buttons on the bottom left and right side of the screen. Using these buttons the training can be either started stopped or paused. The difference between the stopped and paused training is that in case of stopped training the master regulator is set to 0. If the training is paused the actual value of the master regulator is preserved and restored if the training is resumed. While resuming the set master value is reached within 3 seconds. 75 % of the set value is reached under 1 second, the remaining 25% under 2 seconds.
  • The stimulation counter which provides feedback on the active and inactive periods of the stimulation was also updated. It now takes place at the upper center of the screen. While resuming training the counter is colored grey, active stimulation is indicated with green, inactive stimulation period with red.
  • There are two timers that provide information about the elapsed and remaining training times. The updated timers are at the top of the training screen.
  • There is a new button at the top center of the screen titled “Selection”. This toggle button makes it possible to select multiple channel regulators and set their intensities at the same time. The master regulator cannot be part of the selected channel group to prevent sudden increase of stimulation intensity.
  • The video training window was also updated to be consistent with the new functionalities and novel changes of the training screen.
  • The impulse parameter window was also updated. New parameters are:
  • Stimulation mode: which can be either burst or continuous.
  • Interval training: mostly the continuous training consists of an exercise period during which the trainee is performing a series of exercises, and a resting period during which the trainee rests and prepares for the next exercise. These two intervals are now graphically supported if the interval training mode is turned on.
  • Exercise interval: this shows the duration of exercises, which can be set between 10 and 90 seconds.
  • Resting interval: this parameter show the length of resting in continuous training. It can be set between 1 and 30 seconds.

Training programs
The default training program parameters as well as the ranges within these can be set were reworked in order to provide more efficient training programs. The new parameters and their ranges are the following:

ParameterManual settingsStrength-muscle builderCardioRelax
Stimulation mode burst continuous burst continuous burst
Frequency (Hz) 1-100(80) 1-50(7) 30-100(80) 1-50(7) 1-100(100)
Impulse depth (μs) 50-400(350) 50-400(350) 350 50-200(150)
Stimulation length (s) 1-10(4) - 1-6(4) - 1-3(1)
Impulse pause (s) 1-10(1) - 1-10(2) - 1
Amplification (s) 0.0-1.0(0.0) - 0.0-1.0(0.0) - 0.0

Client Safety
The previously introduced safety regulations were updated in order to provide both safe and efficient training. The restriction regulates whether the channel intensities can be increased or not during stimulation pause (in burst mode). This is called the Active Safety Protocol (ASP), which can be turned on/off with its button on the bottom of the training screen.

Program selector window
A new button titled “Settings” can be found at the center of the tray on the bottom of the window. This makes it possible to use either the same training settings for all of the training programs or use different settings for each of them.
XBody Online system: The XBody Online system was reworked to be more responsive and stable. Several of the reported bugs were fixed including the Wifi selector window, and the handling of hidden networks.

Other changes
There were additional changes introduced to the software.

  • The birth date of the user is now restricted, since the EMS training is not advised below the age of 14. Filling this field during registering a new client is obligatory.
  • The instances and days for which the training passes are valid now is restricted to be at least 1.
  • There is a scrollable list on the left side of the login, trainer editor and customer editor screens which was updated to operate faster.

If you would like to get an update...
please contact us at helpdesk##kukac##hq.xbodyworld.com and send us the serial number of your device (S/N number on the label of the head)! Please also send us the actual software version as well (available under the Administrator mode: System menu).